Feedback of customer - Leean W Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Location: 46/6 Pham Hong Thai, Ben Thanh ward, district 1
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Feedback of customer - Leean W Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Publish on: 15/01/2023 12:35 AM

    This restaurant is quite difficult to find and has been located in the wrong place on Google Maps but it's well worth the effort to find. I am familiar with all sorts of Indian restaurants and have been eating Indian food for over 50 years so it was a wonderful surprise to discover some different tasting Indian food from the norm, and way more superior in taste. For starters I had the Mushroom Pepper Fry which was very spicy but not so spicy that you couldn't eat it and it had a fantastic flavour. My husband had a sweet and sour soup which he said was also very spicy, much spicier than usual but with a delicious flavour. Th spiciness level didn't bother us as we love spicy Indian food. For a main my husband had the Lamb Pepper Fry, similar in texture and taste to the mushroom pepper fry, which he enjoyed enormously. I had the most wonderful tasting Prawn Pepper Masala, totally different from any other curry flavour encountered before, with fluffy soft Indian rice (not Basmati) which again was refreshingly different from the usual Basmati rice. Whilst I was there I also got to try a friend's Butter Chicken, which was quite honestly the best Butter Chicken I have ever tasted. Not that smoked chicken version which completely ruins the delicate mouth watering taste of Butter Chicken but properly cooked chicken in a really divine sauce. It had a spicy kick, or undertone to it, which is unusual for butter chicken but it added a welcome new dimension to this favourite dish. Our friends also had chicken samosas and Nasi Goreng which was beautifully presented and which they said was delicious. The service was very pleasant, the owner or maybe she is the manager, was super friendly, warm, smiling and helpful throughout, and although the waiter's English was limited he tried very hard to understand what was being ordered and he also had a lovely smiley manner. The food took ages to come out, with gaps between people's food of as long as 30 to 40 minutes, such that our friends had finished their mains at the same time that ours was being brought out. But such was the level of deliciousness of the food that we decide the restaurant still deserved a 5 star rating and in fairness it was packed to the hilt, to its full capacity, so it is obviously very popular. There was a great vibe too and a mixture of all different nationalities, so it was a real pleasure and great experience to eat there. It was so enjoyable that in fact I went there the next day, after shopping, to sample some of their other delights. As it was mid afternoon it was virtually empty but this time the service was speedy and efficient. The staff were just as friendly as ever and it was a pleasure to eat there again. Although I planned on eating something different, such was the very tasty memory of the Prawn Pepper Masala from the previous day that I ordered the same again, but with a Dahl Palak as well. The Dahl Palak sauce was quite thin but it was nevertheless super tasty, even though , like most restaurants in Vietnam, the spinach has a somewhat strong earthy flavour. It wasn't very spicy like most dishes tried so far, but that was fine as I do like a balance of spicy and mild curries when eating more than one together. Mention should also be made of the very generous portions, so that each time I find myself taking home enough for another meal the next day. This place is a hidden gen to which I will return to time and time again.

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